1) Have you worked with other businesses in my industry or in similar industries?

This is extremely important because no two industries are created equal and a video marketing company that understands your niche will be a far stronger partner than one who doesn’t. Of course, every marketing company needs to start somewhere with a new industry so even if they haven’t got direct industry experience it doesn’t exclude them immediately from consideration. For example, a company that has experience working with Landscapers or other home service companies is probably going to be a good fit for interior designers, construction companies and other associated niches. IT’s important to remember that the company you engage is going to responsible for representing your brand so don’t be afraid to drill down.

2) Aside from YouTube what else are you going to do as a part of promoting my video?

Putting a video up on YouTube does not constitute the end of the job. There is a lot more work to do once it is live. You can hire the sharpest video production company on the planet but if no one sees your video then it’s a totally wasted investment. Have them tell you how many views you can expect and what they are going to do to encourage those viewers to convert. Also ask them about where those views are going to come from, if you’re running a carpet cleaning company in Boca Raton then a million viewers in New Delhi is probably not going to result in very many conversions!

3) Tell me about your production process?

How the video is produced is a really important part of the marketing effort. A poor quality video will reflect badly on your business and will likely have exactly the opposite of the desired effect, which is to drive business and to convert that business into customers. Make sure that the company is not just going to put together a slideshow for you – they need to go all out, a professional video wins business, an unprofessional video costs you customers!

4) What happens if I am not happy with my video?

Are they prepared to redo the production work if you’re not happy with their first efforts? What promises and guarantees have they got in place to ensure that your video not only properly represents your business but does it in a way that you are happy with?

5) Do you have any testimonials?

The easiest way to spot a good potential marketing partner is to look at what has been said by their previous customers. Any marketing company worth their salt will have a selection of testimonials available and in the video space you should make sure they’re video testimonials – this will also give you more of an insight into their video production ability.

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