Blake Goodwin is an innovative successful entrepreneur, strategic business consultant, speaker, and video marketing expert. He specializes in advertising, marketing, online lead generation, sales, video optimization, automation, customer acquisition, and creating sustainable competitive advantages. Blake has a proven track record with hundreds of companies in over 40 vertical market segments, and understands the problems that occur in the trenches and what to do to get to the mountaintop.

Blake is a U.S. Navy Veteran who was very involved on the secret side of the internet. He built classified websites during Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Noble Eagle, and Operation Southern Watch. During his time of service, he briefed Seal Teams on Tactical Missions. Blake was in the New York Harbor on September 11th 2001 attacks while on board the Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. George Washington. Blake is now a proud member of the American Legion and Los Angeles Police Post 381. Blake is a certified Meteorologist and Oceanographer.

Blake consistently increases visibility, sales, profits, and record breaking numbers by connecting companies small and large to their ideal customers through a step by step methodical approach. Blake is passionately motivated by the transformation of individuals and entrepreneurs in the areas of happiness, health, and wealth. Blake’s goal in marketing is to create ‘Raving Fans’ through helping others achieve their ultimate vision and goals. Blake dedicates himself to helping companies connect, communicate, and capitalize with strategic positioning of engaging video!

Blake frequently immerses himself in seminars and training programs. He devotes himself to learning and evolving while consistently embracing change. Blake has studied with and worked side by side with some of the top business strategists in the world. Most recently Blake graduated UCLA Anderson Business School of Management and was honored as keynote speaker.

Blake is the founder and CEO of Video Optimize, a family owned and operated company. He works side by side with his younger sister Kimberly who is a very talented designer, engineer, and web enthusiast. When not working, Blake keeps busy as a ranked chess player, avid poker player, public speaker, and poet.