Everyone knows that video marketing is essential if you want to be seen on the Internet. It separates you from your competition, engages your audience and – if it’s done properly – results in more sales, more revenue and more market share. There is something else, extremely important, that properly positioned YouTube video will do for you in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

Your results in the search pages are known as snippets. The reason they’re called snippets is because that’s exactly what they are – they’re a microcosm of your website. Your page title, description and other information like the URL is all compressed into a few lines. You don’t have a lot of real estate in the SERPS to make an impact and anything you can do to stand out will make a huge difference to your click through rate (CTR).

Let’s take a look at a Google results page with some YouTube rich snippets:

You Tube Rich Snippets

Which listings did you notice immediately? The two with the images next to them, right? Of course you did! Those are more than just pretty pictures, they’re actual YouTube Video Thumbnails, and they’re clickable. What so of difference would appearing like that on a page full of standard old snipets make to your click through rate? The answer is a HUGE difference.

So how do you get your Google snippet looking like that? By properly optimizing your YouTube video, anything at all that you can do to separate yourself in the SERPS is going to mean money in the bank for your business, so don’t take YouTube Video, and rich snippets lightly!