It seems like everyone is talking about the power of Video marketing and optimization these days. It’s all the rage, and it’s no fad. As one of the oldest companies in the sapce (we’ve been using Video Marketing to bring our clients and partners HUGE success for over 7 years now) we are not surprised by this. Why is it so effective, what makes all the difference and what do you need to consider if you’re going to get it done, and get it done right?

1. Customers and potential customers love it, engage with it and send it viral.
When it comes to virality nothing works better than video. If you want to get your content shared organically then effectively produced, high quality video content is absolutely the way to go. It’s not just cute or funny videos about cats either. Plenty of corporate videos have gone viral, of course we haven’t all got the resources or market penetration of Coca Cola or Cadbury but the fact is that you’ve got a much better chance of driving organic, targeted traffic to your online assets if you’re leveraging video.

You can be creative and funny or perhaps controversial. You can deliver good quality information. You can review products that you’re marketing. There are plenty of ways to utilize video to provide something that people are going to want to watch, want to share and want to engage with. You’re achievments with effective video content are twofold. One you are positioning your brand as an authority in the space that you’re operating in, this means that when someone needs something that you’ve reviewed or provided information about – provided that information was quality information – they are much more likely to remember your brand when it comes time to get out their Mastercard. Aside from this you are also opening up another vector through which you can rank your content and get infront of more viewers, even if you don’t achieve the “viral factor”.

2. Google LOVES YouTube Content.
While you could be forgiven for thinking that Google owns the internet, it doesn’t. One thing it does own though is YouTube, and it paid over a Billion Dollars for it. One thing that the search giant is extremely good at is leveraging its search dominance to increase market penetration for its other brands, YouTube is no exception. Video content on YouTube is 51x more likely to rank in organic search. What does this mean for you? It means that by leveraging video content properly you can come up trumps in the search results without spending a dollar on Pay Per Click advertising. Combined with PPC and other more traditional SEO practices Video content on YouTube is your secret sauce. If you put it all together then you’re almost guaranteed to dominate your competition.

3. Video lets you introduce your customers to your potential customers.
We all know that the most valuable and powerful form of lead is a referral, the next best is an inquiry that results from a testimonial view. If your prospect has viewed one of your testimonials from an existing customer and then elects to interact with your business they are in the buying zone. Of course, you can easily just put testimonials in text form but anyone can write a few words, if your prospect is coming face-to-face with a happy customer who is singing the praises of your business then it is a much more powerful marketing tool than a couple of lines of text. Take a look at this page (our text based testimonials) and compare it to watching this video. The video is worth more than all the text put together, why, because you can see it, hear it and you know it’s real!

4. There is a very high likelihood that your competition isn’t doing it.
Or that if they are doing it they’re not doing it right. Let’s break it down, video production is generally not all that cheap, it’s a big investment for what is, in many cases, an unknown return. It’s no different from any other form of advertising or marketing, it’s a risk. A good video could cost you thousands of dollars, the route that most people take is to produce a truly mediocre video and not spend any money on promoting it. That’s a mediocre spend, for a mediocre effort with less than mediocre returns. Let’s say you spent 5000 dollars on video production (in reality it can be done for much less if you choose the right partners) and it results in $1,000,000 a year in new business (like it did for this guy). Is that a worthwhile investment? No one could possibly argue otherwise. Did it hurt to spend the $5,000, most probably yes.

Do you even remember how much it cost you when it’s bringing customer after customer in your door and your phone is rining off the hook? Absolutely not. If you’re pensive about the investment then it’s highly likely that your competitors are too, it doesn’t matter if it is them or you that makes the decision to do it – who dares wins. One thing about Video Optimize is that we only work with one customer in any one niche in any one geographic location, so once you commit to working with us you’ve got your competitors trumped. Any video marketing company that turns around and offers you anything less should be firmly shown the door.

At the end of the day if you’re not marketing on YouTube it’s only a matter of time before your competition is. The thing is that you probably don’t have anything to worry about unless they partner with us though. What does Video Optimize do for our partners? We make them money. Within our own business we don’t invest in marketing unless it is going to become a profitable line on the balance sheet, we don’t expect that our partners and clients would do so either. Click here for your consultation without charge or commitment. We screen our potential partners very closely and if we’re already working with a similar company in the same location then you’re out of luck – if we believe we can help you and we are not committed then we will make sure that your online marketing spend goes into something that is actually going to generate a return!