Cabeau B2C Video Marketing Results


For Cabeau’s targeted product, the Midnight Magic Adjustable Sleep Mask, Blake Goodwin at Video Optimize was able to produce noticeable results in only three months. Using split testing, technical optimization, and direct video-to-shopping-cart click-through technology, Video Optimize added to our organic page 1 search engine listings and increased our video views from 2,500 to over 300,000.

Ryan Hilterbran

Vice President & CMO, Cabeau Inc.

Company Profile

Cabeau (pronounced CAH-bo) is your one-stop shop destination for innovative travel pillows, comfort products, and on-the-go gear. Cabeau’s goal is to provide a comfortable and restful experience to commuters and jetsetters alike, transforming coach class woes into a First-Class experience. Once you feel the difference, we hope all your adventures will be in Cabeau comfort.

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We create your world class video that tells “Your Core Story” and invite a handful of your customers in on the day of the shoot.

Step 2

Once the video is created and approved and we hear these words, “I Love It!” We analyze your Highest and best converting keywords and go into full market analysis creating a plan to dominate the competition.

Step 3

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