Video SEO Tips and Techniques for Youtube Part 1

Part 1  by: Video Optimize
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    1. Youtube Channel “The difference between a Youtube Channel that’s brand new versus one that is 1 year old is really not too much difference at all”. In other words, they do use Channel age…but it’s not very important.
    2. Keyword Appears in the Channel Name: This does boost the channel and let Google know what the channel is about, and adds relevancy. Google does bold keywords that appear in any URL.
    3. Keywords appear in the comments: A channel that that has keywords in the comments let’s Google know that the conversation is about xyz niche, or abc product, or even 123 subject matter.
    4. Channels with multiple videos and been around for many years:“Valuable (legitimate) channels have been around for several years, while doorway (illegitimate) Youtube Channels rarely are used for any length of time. Therefore, the date when a channel opens is a factor in predicting the legitimacy of a Youtube Channel and the fact that there are many videos on that channel over time even more grasps your foothold in the marketplace”.
    5. Keyword in Google Plus Page: After All there is a checkmark to let Google / Youtube know to post any video you post on your youtube channel also to your Google Plus page and they are both intertwined and connected. We’ve seen many rankings using this methodology.
    6. Keyword in Domain name where videos are being posted: A site with your youtube videos embedded into your blog or pages tells Google to that this site is about the same content that is in your Youtube Videos. It boosts the site, and boosts your Youtube videos and marries the two with incredible results.
    7. Keyword in Subpages in Domain Name: Having your keywords in your title of your pages, that are also correlating keywords to your video the end result is RESULTS plain and simple, this strategy is fantastic for giving your videos and boost and the pages with the embedded related video inside of it.
    8. Keywords inside of your Video: The secret is out! Google definitely can read and transcribe the words inside of your video and the audio into a transcription and they are doing this, we’ve found that having the subject matter in your video match the title and the keywords you want to rank for be SPOKEN in the video makes a difference.
    9. Penalized Youtube Channel: If Google identifies that your channels are spammy in nature and you are just uploading content to “Game” the system then your going about it all the wrong way.Creating awesome relevant videos that are on the money, engaging for your target audience and that promotes engagement is gateway to rankings and optimum results.
    10. Country of Origin: What country you are in helps the Youtube Channel and Videos for that matter rank particular country… For example if you are uploading from Philippines, or India, or Germany or USA they all make a difference and you will actually see this reflected in the Youtube Logo in the upper right it will show the country identifier and language. Here is the code showing the Language (en) and the country identifier (ph)
    11. Keywords in Description: The description is under the video and the second most important piece of content (besides the title of the video) and thus tells Google what this piece of content is about and it matters big time. Youtube allows your description to be 1500 words (approx) and leveraging as much of this critical area we’ve found to really pay off.{On a sidenote: Do Not just Stuff your description with keywords, this used to work well in the olden golden days though does not work good at all anymore. Doing your keyword research and writing tons of great content will allow you to wrap important keywords into stimulating content for your end user.}If you do not have the time to write a compelling description than we’ve found it best to simply transcribe your video and insert that into your description.  Another Note: Put your URL in your description and start it with http://www._________.comDoing this 1. Gives you an important backlink and 2. Let’s the viewer go to the destination site to learn more on the subject matter that your video promotes.
    12. Video Title Starts with Your Keyword: Make your video title start with your keyword for example let’s say you wanted to rank for the keyword “Youtube SEO Tips” then start your title this way. Here are two examples below.What to do: Youtube SEO Tips – Techniques to Rank Videos on Youtube and Google.
      What not to do: Video Optimization and Video SEO How to Rank Videos.Although both of the above titles speak to the related subject matter; Video A. starts with your Keyword and immediately lets the viewer or end user know what the subject matter is about. Whereas in video B. maybe I want to know how to rank videos and about video optimization though it is a broader subject matter and can be used for other sites whereas the first specifically is identifying Youtube. However it would be strong to use B. in somewhere in the description.
    13. Keyword loaded links (URL’s) in Description: Another relevancy signal. This still makes a difference and it makes an even bigger difference when the destination page is supporting content, that is when it really creates results.
    14. Keyword Appears in supporting tags: Adding your keywords to your tags helps in ranking your keywords in the search results. As a rule of thumb don’t add more than 10 keywords that is plenty to let Youtube and Google know what your content is about. This is not an area that Google displays to the community so it really is just for ranking and sorting content. I highly recommend when optimizing for local search results to put in your city that the video is relevant for. For example let’s say I was optimizing for “Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon” then in the tags I would make one of my tags “Beverly Hills”
    15. Keyword Density: Having a keyword appear more than any other likely acts as a relevancy signal as to what the content is about though be careful not to over optimize a keyword (keyword stuffing) as this can cause a penalty. A good general rule of thumb is not more than once for 150 words of content in your description.
    16. Youtube Description Length:  A longer description with more words will give you more content to play with are favoured over shorter descriptions. This is also true with traditional SEO (search engine optimization).
    17. Duplicate Content: Identical video content on the same channel can negatively influence a channels search engine visibility. That being said if the video is altered and relevant to an end user with similar information than you can rank for more keywords and this is a plus. It’s important to have a different length of video and to have it targeted toward the right audience though.
    18. Recency of Video: Google Caffeine updates favors newer updated content, especially for video searches from our findings. Highlighting this factor’s importance, Google shows the date of each video right in the search results.
    19. Placement of Keyword in Description: Having a keyword appear in the first 150 words of a video description sends a significant signal and is a plus.
    20. Related and Suggested Keywords: An exact match of a searcher’s keyword in Google and Youtube and other search engines will most often outrank a related or similar keyword phrase in a different order. For example: consider a search for: “Video SEO Techniques”. A page optimized for the phrase “Techniques for Video SEO” will not rank as well as a page optimized for “Video SEO Techniques”.Keyword research is a very important part of video search engine optimization. We highly recommend Google’s Keyword Planner Tool which is free to use with an adwords account.Another great option is Market Samurai we love this tool and highly recommend it for deep keyword research and the greatest part is they have a free trial.
    21. Outbound Links from Description: Links out to authority sites help to gain trust and authority and add another relevancy signal, plus make the people you’re linking to happy and more likely to do business with you.
    22. Spelling and Grammatical Competence: Proper grammar and spelling  is a quality signal, that being said, there is not a team of people individually reviewing your content for rankings rather it is the Google Algorithm. The reality is that real people will be viewing your content and this instills a sense of trust as well as authority by having it written in a manner that easy and logically makes sense. Always write your content for people, then make sure it gets found by better understanding what is important to Google. Since you’re reading this I can tell, it’s important to you. Thumbs up!
    23. Syndicated Content: Syndicated Content defined by search engine land.“Content syndication is the process of pushing your blog, site, or video content out into third-party sites, either as a full article, snippet, link, or thumbnail.”This especially helps to get your video strategically positioned for optimum results. When your video is embedded, linked, and connected to other sites that is a powerful social signal to the search engines and especially Google and Youtube. Think about it, if a video is on 1000 other sites this must mean the video is extremely relevant.Therefore one of the most important factors in Video SEO and Youtube Optimization of your video is having your video in the right places.Important! It is better to have your video on 10 authority extremely relevant sites relating to your subject matter than it is to have on 1000 sites that have little or nothing to do with the topic of your video.
    24. Number of Video Embeds: Your video link is wonderful being placed on a 3rd party relevant site; what is even more powerful? Your video being embedded. And make no mistake about it, Google definitely tracks the difference between the two and they know the number of times your video is embedded.
    25. Video views and promotion: Ever heard save the best for last? We’ll this last youtube seo tip is powerful. Consider how many views a video has on it for a moment. Which are you more likely to watch a video that has 28 views or a video that has 28,000 views. Most would say 28,000 hands down. A wide audience attracts an even wider audience. For example if there is a street performer and there is only 3 people watching him chances are most will walk by even if he is good; though if there are 33 people watching in a circle even if he is not so good, you will stop and watch to see what is happening too. Therefore, it is best to boost your views and you can do this in a # of different ways. For example email the video to your friends and family. Place the video on your blog or blogs. Embed the video on Facebook and other sites. Gather a list of industry influencers and email them asking them if they like it to post on their blog or reference back to you and letting them know to send new content they create your way so you can evaluate it and if you like it place on your blog. And of course my favourite way is to promote your video using Google Adwords. A lot of people are not aware that Google adwords has a functionality to promote your video right within the adwords system. You can target your exact audience, location, demographics, daytime/nighttime targeting, placement targeting and keyword targeting it’s amazing actually and it’s super cost effective and your views will skyrocket giving you that initial push to get your quality video marketing content ranked higher getting more traction for your purpose or cause.