What to think about before hiring a video marketing company?

Where to allocate the marketing budget is probably your toughest decision as a business owner. Marketing is a moveable feast, it’s difficult to track return on your investment and it’s hard to get right. Every business owner knows that they should be doing video marketing online but most of them don’t know where to get started. The reality is that many make the fatal decision of creating some sort of a slideshow clip, setting it to music and going it alone.

Don’t waste your time and money, but don’t be cheap.

This results in lots of wasted time, effort and money. There’s no point in putting a video online if you’re only going to get 100 views a year and you haven’t considered what is required to make that video convert viewers into customers. After that experience business owners will often make a decision to hire someone to help them out with their video and the marketing thereof. There are a few very serious considerations that you have to take on board before you even consider committing to any sort of an agreement with a company that is offering services of that nature.

First off, they should not be talking about video production as their primary source of income. Video marketing and video production are two completely different things and if they are not prepared to use content that you provide then they’re just trying to make as much as they can out of you. That said, if your video is not up to standard then a good marketing company should be comfortable telling you that. One thing we focus on at Video Optimize is quality content, it doesn’t matter if we produce it or someone else does, but if we’re not starting with good video content then it’s highly likely we’re not going to be able to deliver on our promises.

Video marketing is about one thing, and one thing only – it’s the same as any kind of marketing – it’s about bottom line dollars and cents. If your video marketing company is not talking about making sure that your content is properly constructed with calls to action and optimized titles, descriptions and other associated meta content then terminate the conversation, right then and there.

It’s your brand, ¬†protect it!

Be prepared to ask the tough questions to your video marketing company, especially if they’re in charge of production. Any marketing firm that you engage with is results focused, they have to be – results are what define the industry, but they’re also in charge of your businesses most valuable assset: Your Brand.

Risking your brand and your good name on cheap production and shoddy optimization processes just isn’t worth it. Make sure that you engage with a company that not only says that they know what they’re doing but can prove it. Ask for testimonials, get them to commit to exactly what they’re going to give you for your money. Marketing is, first and foremost, not about what you spend but what return you’re going to get on what you spend.

If your video marketing company is unwilling and / or unable to quantify their results from the outset (no one has a crystal ball but they should certainly be able to ballpark it) then terminate the conversation. If someone who is taking responsibility for your reputation and your brand is unwilling to commit to delivering results for you then there is a serious, serious problem.

What we do differently at Video Optimize.

Here at Video Optimize we pride ourselves on building solid and longlasting relationships with our clients. We consider marketing a partnership, we know what an essential part of your business marketing is and how important the trust is that you place in us. If you’d like to talk to one of our specialists about marketing domination and taking your brand into the stratosphere click here to book an appointment.