It doesn’t have to be difficult to dominate Google. Sometimes it can seem pretty confusing, with pandas and penguins and algorythms and all that jazz. The reality is that the recent updates make it easier for people who have quality content to get their way up the results pages, dominate their market and truly own their niche. It also makes it more difficult for people to game the search engine with bad content and keyword stuffing.

To anyone who is focused on providing a high quality user experience, delivering good servie and a high standard of information this makes things a whole lot better. Anyone who isn’t focused on that should probably reconsider their approach to their market, their marketing and their customers.

So the key thing to remember about all of these recent updates is this: Content is king on the Internet, which is how things always should’ve been. Bad quality content results in a bad user experience and it’s not going to get you anywhere with your customers. That’s where video comes in – good video dominates search results.

Why does good video dominate search results? It’s really quite simple. People engage with video and they enjoy video. Google wants to provide the people of the internet with an enjoyable and engaging experience and that means that video is taken very seriously at the search giant.

Of course, Google isn’t the only search engine. It is the only search engine that owns the two biggest search engines on the planet though. When we think about search engines most people probably think of Bing as being in second place. Sorry Microsoft, it’s not – Youtube is the second biggest search platform on the Internet. Google didn’t drop over a billion dollars on YouTube lightly, not only was it a significant investment but it was a really really smart move.

Good investment decisions aside, here is what the fact that Google owns the world’s biggest video sharing platform (and second largest search engine) means for people who are trying to get found on the Internet. Far beit from us to suggest that Google gives preferential treatment to their own products but you are 51x more likely to appear at the top of the search results with a properly optimized video.

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