When you’re creating a video marketing strategy, it can be tedious to come up with original ideas for video content, week after week. If you want a solid video content strategy, how can you come up with good ideas for videos? Look no further – this guide to 8 of the top types of video posts is the key to maximizing your video content marketing. Read on below for amazing video ideas that will have you increasing your sales conversion rate in no time!


This type of video introduces your brand and showcases your products or services. Tremendous potential exists for a wide range of videos in this genre, since your brand is probably positioned uniquely in the market and reflects a well-developed concept. Explainer and introductory videos can explore:

  • Your corporate philosophy and mission
  • What makes your brand different from others on the market
  • Any distinctive products or services you offer
  • Any unusual qualifications or certifications you have
  • Proprietary technologies or systems
  • Different divisions of your company
  • Special projects
  • Social enterprise or philanthropic initiatives
  • Highlights of your relationship with the community

2. Product Demos

If you have a line of products, you can showcase them through video posts that demonstrate how they are used or consumed. You could even create a video showing how to use your product in a new or innovative way. You can also create a “compare and contrast” video that pits your product against a major competitor, analyzing which is more effective.

3. Thought Leadership

As a manufacturer or service provider, your expertise may represent the cutting-edge in your particular field. It also may be applicable to many other industries. You can develop a wide range of videos that explore how your expertise applies to these fields. This video marketing strategy can position you as an expert and one of the foremost authorities in your particular niche.

4. Informational

Your customers probably have a variety of interests, from homesteading to luxury sports cars to water scarcity. Within your particular niche, they probably also have plenty of questions about related products and brands, technologies and systems, and the industry in general. If you’re a service provider, your clients may want to know about trends in your industry, statistics or studies, or just interesting topics that catch their attention. Using video content marketing to demonstrate how your business intersects with these interests can provide you with an extremely valuable source of promotion.

5. Tutorials/How-Tos

Tutorials and how-to videos are an extremely popular video content strategy and can provide you with a continuing source of traffic. You can create tutorials on almost anything that has some sort of relevance to your product or service.

6. Commentary

If you’ve established some sort of credibility as an expert, you can get some good press by making videos that comment on current events or trends that are relevant to your product or service. If you include them as part of a press release, journalists at major news outlets may pick them up and run them on their websites.

7. Brand Stories

Did you start your company under unique or unusual circumstances? Do you have any unique stories about obstacles your brand has overcome? Sharing personal stories about how your brand evolved and grew can often be an extremely appealing angle for a video marketing strategy. Try telling stories of key executives or employees, or talking about unusual historical contexts for your brand or industry.

8. Humor

Bringing humor into a video is a great way to make your brand relatable. By subtly poking fun at your products, placing your services into funny contexts, or putting funny spins on some of the other video ideas on this list, you can create amusing video content marketing that customers will really enjoy. You can even try making a bloopers video with members of your staff.