Learning how to properly optimize and manage a digital video marketing campaign involves a huge learning curve for the majority of marketers. Even if you’ve been involved in multimedia, video and or television production in the past the process of launching a video into the digital stratosphere is complicated. Video Optimize has been leading our industry for many years, we’ve been involved in video marketing since before YouTube existed (it’s hard to believe but there was a time before YouTube).

Our founder, Blake Goodwin is passionate about teaching people how to effectively market their products and the products of their clients. Video Marketing is definitely the future of marketing and it’s not going to be long before people completely abandon the old broadcast mediums, such as television, in favor of the freedom to choose what they watch when they watch. TV’s days are numbered, the Internet has already pretty much demolished the print media, at the very least it’s caused traditional print media outlets to reinvent themselves in order to remain relevant. The next step in the Internet revolution, as more and more people have true broadband connectivity in their homes, is going to be the end of broadcast media.

As various media outlets lose relevance, unfortunately, so do the skills of traditional marketers. What marketers must do now is reskill or they are going to find themselves drowning in the digital ocean!

Video Optimize offers bespoke training and certification programs which are targeted and customized to your specific marketing needs. We understand that different marketers in different industries have different needs, different demographics and different approaches. If you’d like to make sure that you remain relevant in the face of a changing marketing landscape please get in touch with us today to discuss one of our tailored video optimization training and certification programs.